Beef Short Ribs with Quince

Image of quinceYes, yet another quince recipe, but it’s a good one. Faced with a glut, I’ve been searching my historical British cookery books for a meat-and-quince recipe but can’t find one, which is odd when you think we’ve been cooking these gloriously perfumed fruits since medieval times. Our ancestors seemed to use them exclusively for sweet dishes but if you know different, I’d love to hear from you.

So today’s dish is based on the fragrant Persian/Iranian stew Khoresht-e Beh. Continue reading

Hot and Spicy Steak Salad

Image of hot and spicy steak salad

Not so much a recipe, this, more a series of suggestions. At its simplest a steak salad is just that, strips of juicy rare steak, hot from the pan, piled on top of a green salad. How you marinade the steak (if you do) and what you put in the salad is up to you. It makes a fast and healthy supper, if you politely ignore the fries Him Outdoors had on the side. Continue reading

Minute Steaks with Chimichurri

Image of minute steaks with chimichurri

I was once whizzing down from the top of a mountain in Argentina in a rather antiquated cable car when its operator fixed with me an evil grin and said: “Remember the Malvinas!” Fortunately for me he was only joking and in spite of any lingering feelings (on either side) about the Falklands War I met with nothing but warmth and friendship as I travelled around the country.

For a month I lived almost entirely on steak. Continue reading

Fillet of Beef with Smoked and Fresh Mushrooms

A fillet of beef, what’s known as a tenderloin in the US, is a princely cut and so it should be because it costs a king’s ransom. For a special occasion though, it’s a lovely thing to bring to the table and although it’s expensive, there’s no waste on it. And it’s quick to cook. There, that’s the self-justification out of the way. Continue reading

Burgundian Beef Short Ribs

Image of ingredients

It’s a sad fact of life that most men are hopeless at Organised Romance. “Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for Hallmark to sell more cards and for florists to hike the price of flowers,” they’ll say. “And anyway I’ve just spent four hours putting twigs through the chipper to make mulch for your flower beds.”

My man is more into red meat than red roses and has zero interest in the sort of sweet treats that fill magazine pages in the run up to February 14. So if your significant other is more Desperate Dan than the Cadbury’s Milk Tray Man, you might like to indulge him/her with this recipe for beef short ribs. Continue reading

Veal Milanese

Image of Venetian gondoliers

Picture: M. Folley

‘At last!’ I hear you cry, ‘a blinking meat dish after all that fish.’ It seems a bit counter-intuitive to show you a picture of Venice and then give you, not a fish dish, not a Venetian dish, but a Milanese meat dish. But I first tasted this in Venice many years ago.

If that summons up romantic images of expensive eateries, sighing bridges and carolling gondoliers, please disabuse yourself. We were hard-up for cash, staying in a modern hotel on the mainland and eating in an unlovely neighbourhood trattoria. But I’ve never forgotten the veal, bread-crumbed and cooked until juicy and golden, sprinkled with salt and drenched in lemon juice. Continue reading

Beef Short Rib Tagine with Orange and Prunes

Image of cooked ribs

If you think this looks good wait until you try the sauce

Beef short ribs are a bargain – so much so they’ll probably soon go the way of monkfish, pork belly and lamb shanks and become prohibitively expensive, as my food blogging friend Conor Bofin pointed out a while back. Get them while you can but remember to leave some at the butcher’s counter for me or we’ll have words.

They need to be cooked long and slow and they’re perfect for this dark, luscious tagine with orange and prunes. Continue reading

Seared Steak with Pearl Barley and Citrus

Pearl barley is something I always have in the cupboard but rarely use. It’ll be making regular appearances from now on because I loved the taste and texture in this salad.

The recipe is based on one in the Moro cookbook but as I live so far from the shops I had to improvise based on what I had to hand. The original is made with sirloin steak and grapes. I used venison fillet and citrus fruit. Continue reading