Meet Mrs Portly

I love cooking. I love eating. I love growing food. I keep hens. I’ve got an ever-expanding cookery book collection, a spice rack to die for and an FBI pinny (long story).

I’m a food writer and journalist/presenter. I’ve worked in broadcasting for much of my life but more importantly in the context of this blog I’m a home cook with a passion for good food. Every recipe here has been tried and tested.

I think it’s important to know the source of what I’m putting on my plate and in my stomach. If it doesn’t actually come from our own back yard I try to buy local and I’m fortunate in having some extraordinarily good food producers on my doorstep here in East Anglia. That’s the bulgy bit on the east of England, for those not in the know. The bit with no motorways.

This blog is a celebration of (mostly) seasonal food and I hope an opportunity to share some of my culinary discoveries and passions. So if you’re of a like mind, I invite you to loosen your belt, hide your bathroom scales, tuck in your bib and join me in Mrs Portly’s Kitchen …

Image of Mrs Portly in her kitchen

Picture by Jamillah Knowles

Before I go – a note on the recipes. I see recipes as guidelines, so feel free to adapt to your personal taste, but I’ve tried to be as accurate and specific as possible for people who prefer not to go off piste.

And the ethical bit: I don’t take money for endorsements (so please don’t ask) and if I say something is good it’s because I genuinely think that it is. I don’t monetise this blog, indeed I pay extra so that you as the reader aren’t bombarded with unwanted ads. This is a labour of love.

I do however labour for lucre elsewhere. If you’d like to commission me as a food and features writer, recipe developer or event compere, or to ask me to give a talk to your group, please check out the Ask Mrs Portly page for contact details.

You can find my Facebook page here.

Copyright 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017: all rights reserved (pictures and text) except where otherwise stated. 

22 thoughts on “Meet Mrs Portly

    • Excellent, elasticated trousers a sensible option as am currently planning a recipe for Middle Aged Spread.

      Hope to see you soon. Will wash FBI pinny in your honour.

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  2. Dear Mrs Portly, I have just found you on the ‘Huffington Post’. And I am very pleased I did. I have spent a little time today getting to know you and your friends.
    It has been fun and insteresting. I particularly enjoyed the post ‘Beef & Pigeon Pie’ you may wonder why, well I have neighbours who frequently bring me freshly shot pigeons! I will be using the recipe very soon. Darina Allen, I did know of her through foodie magazines and TV programmes, she really is inspiring. I’m very new to life style/cookery blogs (writing my own) and enjoying finding new ones to follow, to watch and learn. I’m now looking forward to receiving your future posts.
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m really pleased you’ve enjoyed reading the posts – it’s lovely to get feedback – and I look forward to reading yours in my turn.
      And how lovely to have friends who give you game. I really recommend that Darina recipe and indeed her (very thorough) book. Let me know how you get on if you cook it!
      All the best,
      Mrs P.

  3. I´ve just discovered this blog through Marmaduke Scarlet.Some lovely original recipes I have to say.

  4. Mrs Portly, I love your kitchen and your lifestyle. I am one of your friends who would love membrillo as a birthday present as well!
    Kat xx

    • Hi Dave, I loved that dish, it sounded so good. Thanks for the kind comments, very much appreciated. Now that I’ve got some breathing space after Christmas I will return the compliment – I’m really looking forward to checking out your recipes.
      Cheers, Linda.

  5. Just saw your bit on the Public Broadcasting Station national news here in the U.S. Short but wise comment. Nicely done.

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