Apricot Tartlets with Almond & Lavender

While apricots are comparatively cheap and the lavender is still flowering, make these easy but luscious little tarts. Assembled in minutes, they make a lovely summery dessert. A dollop of vanilla ice cream doesn’t go amiss. Continue reading

Tiramisu Swiss Roll

I’d say this was a cake fit for a king, but I suppose that should really be a Battenberg. If you’re looking for a recipe for the Coronation weekend, though, you could do worse than this luscious Swiss roll, with its tiramisu flavours of coffee, hazelnut and chocolate and rich, creamy mascarpone filling. Continue reading

Poached Rhubarb with Orange and Walnut Shortbread

This is the simplest of seasonal recipes but perfect for the first days of spring, whatever the weather is doing outside the kitchen window. Brilliant pink forced rhubarb, poached with blood oranges and fresh ginger, served with orange and walnut shortbread. And joy, it’s all quick to make, allowing you (me) more time to prune the roses you (I) should have done a month ago. Continue reading

Elderflower and Strawberry Syllabub

The hedgerows are frothing with elder blossom and the strawberry beds spilling over with fruit. I can’t think of a better way to bring them together than in this fresh, seasonal interpretation of a centuries-old recipe, an elderflower and strawberry syllabub. Continue reading

Date and Almond Tart

This date and almond tart is inspired by one I ate in one of my favourite restaurants, Michelin-starred Pea Porridge here in Suffolk. I enjoyed it so much I’ve had a crack at my own version and by happy chance I’d just bought some fresh dates from a lovely fruit and veg stall in Norwich’s central market. Continue reading

Galette des Rois

Galette des Rois, King Cake, Twelfth Cake … there are different names and different recipes for this always irresistible concoction depending on the country of origin. Some are like brioche, some are a fruit cake but this is a French version, with buttery puff pastry enclosing a frangipane filling. Continue reading