Jude The Far From Obscure

We’re in the middle of a mini heatwave as I write so I’m offering you two different, quick, summer-into-autumn recipes. One means turning the oven on briefly, the other doesn’t. They both feature St Jude, a lovely, lactic, soft cheese made here in Suffolk. Other cheeses are, of course, available. Continue reading

Paneer Tikka

I’m a bit pushed for time this week as we have the builder in, I’m been recipe testing and prepping for Wakelyn’s Dal Festival tomorrow where I’ll be demo-ing and compering, and I haven’t yet packed for our holiday next week (burglars please note: our builder will be living on the premises). However, a few people have asked how I made the paneer tikka I pictured on social media, so here you go. You’ll be disappearing down a few internet rabbit holes so gird your loins. Continue reading

21st Century Medieval Pottage

Hop on board Mrs Portly’s time machine, we’re going back to the Middle Ages, because this is my 21st century take on a medieval pottage. The secret ingredient is poudre douce, an ancient spice mix which gives depth and complexity to what’s otherwise a straightforward lentil and vegetable soup. Continue reading

Apricot Tartlets with Almond & Lavender

While apricots are comparatively cheap and the lavender is still flowering, make these easy but luscious little tarts. Assembled in minutes, they make a lovely summery dessert. A dollop of vanilla ice cream doesn’t go amiss. Continue reading

Summer Vegetable Pie

If you equate pies with autumn and winter, think again. This is such a light, delicious concoction, it almost floats into your mouth. Packed with summer vegetables and soft, aromatic herbs and topped with paper-thin filo, it’s a joy to eat. Continue reading

Crab and Shrimp Terrines

One of the joys of living in Suffolk is easy access to some amazing seafood. I once went fishing for brown shrimp with Mike Warner of a Passion for Seafood, trawling shin-deep with a large rectangular net in the hope of scooping up enough of these scrumptious little crustaceans to cook and eat on Sizewell beach. That’s me on the left in the photo, the bedraggled one in the brown coat.

Image of people shrimping off the Suffolk coast

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