Smoked Haddock and Spinach Mornay

This is quite a retro dish but it’s so good I think it’s due a renaissance. Flaky, juicy fish, combined with spinach and the fresh pop of tomatoes, blanketed in a smoky, cheesy sauce, topped off with a crisp thatch of breadcrumbs. Heavenly. Yes, rather an over-use of adjectives there, but I think they’re justified. Continue reading

Oysters Hot and Cold

Standing in a battered boat on a cold creek in the middle of winter might not be most people’s idea of fun, but I loved it. I was with Bill Pinney (that’s him, at the top), whose family has been farming oysters in Suffolk since just after World War Two. Bill is a mine of information, not just on oysters but on marine life in general and the art of smoking. Continue reading

Portuguese Pork and Clams

Image of Portuguese red pepper pasteThis is my version of the classic Portuguese dish, Porco Alentejana, a succulent mix of pork with clams cooked in a red pepper sauce. It’s a totally different take on surf ‘n’ turf and much more harmonious and subtle than most. It’s a fabulous weekend supper dish. Continue reading

Hake with Peperonata

Hake is Spain’s favourite fish but much less popular in the UK, which is something of a mystery to me. It’s a sustainable catch and it tastes terrific, but most of the hake landed here every year gets shipped to Spain. It’s surely time to repatriate it (insert Brexit joke here) but this recipe also works with cod or any other firm-fleshed white fish. Continue reading

Crab and Avocado Summer Rolls

I was feeling crabby the other day. Not in the sense that I was cross and cranky, perish the thought. I was in the mood to eat some succulent Cromer crab.

It’s so good that I’ll usually eat it simply in a salad or, were it not for the fact that Him Outdoors has an aversion to pasta, tossed though some linguine. As he does, I was forced to get a bit more creative.

This is a crustacean-lover’s version of the vegetarian summer rolls I made recently and I think it’s a winner.  Continue reading

Sole with Nasturtium Butter and Cockle Popcorn

Image of nasturtium flower

I’ve been longing to make nasturtium butter ever since I read about it in a Jane Grigson book and have been waiting impatiently for the nasturtiums to flower. In the end I raided the gardens of a couple of friends as our plants were slow to oblige.

As for the cockle popcorn, it’s a revelation if you haven’t tried it: Continue reading

Chilli Prawn Pops with Roasted Lime

I could probably write an entire cookery book featuring chillies as I seem to be putting them in everything at the moment, although sadly no publisher has yet beaten a path to my door brandishing a contract.

These absurdly cute prawn lollipops would definitely merit a page to themselves Continue reading

Spanish-style Rice

According to Catalan cookery expert Rachel McCormack, when a Spanish man cooks rice, it’s called a paella. When a woman does it, it’s called a rice dish. Humph.

This is closer to a Spanish-style stir-fry, a version of what my in-laws call a chuck-in rice. It is nonetheless delicious and it’s very quick to make, assuming that you have some cooked basmati sitting in the fridge. If not, it’s worth cooking some just to make this. Continue reading