Suffolk Toad

If any toad in the hole can be considered light, this is it. Rather than solid old sausages the Suffolk Toad is filled with comparatively dainty rolls of pork (or veal or chicken) with a herby, lemony stuffing. And if that sounds as though I’m hedging my words with lots of qualifiers, well, it is a batter pudding after all. It’s really very good, though, and I’d urge you to give it a try, especially as it’s British Yorkshire Pudding Day on Sunday. Continue reading

Mini Yorkshire Puds with Smoked Trout

Image of mini Yorkshires with smoked troutI saw Jamie Oliver scoffing these on a re-run of one of his television programmes and like him, I couldn’t resist. The contrast between the hot crispy Yorkshires and the cool, creamy smoked trout pâté makes them exceedingly more-ish.

The only change I made was to use labneh, Middle Eastern strained yoghurt, in place of regular cream cheese, Continue reading