Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne

This is a recipe for those days when you want comfort food without the stodge of winter. It’s a lasagne, but it’s meat-free and made light with ricotta. It’s the sort of dish where you can have a second helping without collapsing in a food coma. Continue reading

Pumpkin Soup with Harissa and Pickled Lemon

After Hallowe’en you could be forgiven if you were sick of the sight of pumpkins, but they give a wonderful autumnal flavour and texture to this spicy main course soup. Continue reading

Eve’s Apple Pancake

Image of Adam's Luxury and Eve's CookeryThis recipe is based on one from a wonderful old cookery book called Adam’s Luxury and Eve’s Cookery. Published in 1744, it is the earliest book I’ve seen which is largely vegetarian. The first half (Adam’s) is devoted to kitchen gardening, and the second (Eve’s) to recipes. It wasn’t a feminist era. Continue reading

Pippa’s Pancakes

Pippa is a vegetarian friend who finds my carnivorous habits distinctly off-putting.

She’s asked me for more meat-free recipes. It’s not that I don’t cook vegetarian food. I do. But I wouldn’t say any of it was particularly ground-breaking.

Cauliflower cheese, vegetarian curries, mushroom risotto, cheesy quiches and omelettes. I mean, they’re all really tasty, but any self-respecting vegetarian would already have their own version.

I’ve been racking my brains for something a bit more imaginative. Continue reading

Gluts and Gluttony

Image of courgettes growing in the gardenglut, acccording to my dictionary, is “an excessively abundant supply” of something.  Courgettes (zucchini) are one of those vegetables that virtually define the word.

Like buses, they all come at once. If you have even one courgette plant you are probably swamped with small green or yellow zeppelins and beginning to cast around for new and original ways to eat them. Continue reading

Onion and Taleggio Tart

Image of cooked tart with a slice out of it

My lovely sister in law obligingly left a large and delightfully whiffy piece of taleggio in the fridge when she was house sitting the other weekend.

It’s been sitting there winking at me every time I open the door for yet another scrumptious vegetable cruditee (believe that and you’ll believe anything)  so I decided it had to go. Continue reading

Summer Salads and Pots of Pesto

Image of the vegetable gardenIt’s blazing hot and as we get so few days like this in the average British summer, it’s tempting to abandon the computer and leg it down to the veg patch with a basket, a trowel and a pair of scissors. Continue reading

Feeding The Non-Meateaters

Time was when you invited people round to dinner and they’d politely eat whatever was on the plate.

Now you have to check what they do and don’t eat, whether they have allergies ….

It’s not that  I mind, in fact it’s usually enjoyable. We are unrepentant carnivores but we love our veg too.  Continue reading