Lebanese Cauliflower (Zahra Maqlia) and French Beans (Loubieh Bzeit)

Image of Lebanese Beans and a glimpse of the cauliflower

We went to a friend’s birthday party in Oxford recently and he sensibly (and generously) catered for the ravening hordes by getting a local restaurant to deliver the food. It came from Al-Shami, a Lebanese restaurant close to the city centre in Jericho and something of an Oxford institution.

Tim had ordered an array of vegetarian mezze and although it was all good, I liked one dish so much I went to Al-Shami the next day to ask how they’d made it Continue reading

Stir-fried Asparagus with Peas

Image of stir-fried asparagus with peas

A friend said to me recently: “Oh, asparagus, lovely when it first arrives but then you get bored with it, don’t you?”

Um, no, actually. I can eat industrial quantities of asparagus and I never get fed up with it, literally or figuratively. I do like to ring the changes with the way I cook it though. Continue reading