Roasted Vegetable Lasagne

Image of fallen leaves on the lawn

Things here in Suffolk are beginning to get distinctly autumnal – the neighbours have been having bonfires and the leaves on the silver birches are tinged with gold and beginning to fall – so I thought I’d use up our Mediterranean vegetables in a comforting lasagne. It’s a nice thing to cook when you have a bit of time at the weekend and feel like pottering gently round the kitchen. Continue reading

Spicy Tomato Ketchup

Image of baskets full of fruit and vegetables

The kitchen garden is stuffed to bursting with fruit and veg and we’ve just spent a highly satisfactory afternoon harvesting the fruits of our labours.

Him Outdoors has slaved endlessly over the past four years to turn what was a nettle patch into a productive garden and it’s really paying off.  Of course that means we have vast quantities of things like beans, courgettes, cucumbers and tomatoes. Continue reading

Summer Salads and Pots of Pesto

Image of the vegetable gardenIt’s blazing hot and as we get so few days like this in the average British summer, it’s tempting to abandon the computer and leg it down to the veg patch with a basket, a trowel and a pair of scissors. Continue reading

Feeding The Non-Meateaters

Time was when you invited people round to dinner and they’d politely eat whatever was on the plate.

Now you have to check what they do and don’t eat, whether they have allergies ….

It’s not that  I mind, in fact it’s usually enjoyable. We are unrepentant carnivores but we love our veg too.  Continue reading