Cheatballs with Tomato Sauce

Image of cheatballs and tomato sauce with pasta

Cheat’s meatballs, these (what on earth did you think I meant?). You can tweak the flavourings to your heart’s content but all you really need is some seriously good-quality sausage meat and an egg to bind it. Paired with a quick home-made tomato sauce and a robust pasta, this makes a very satisfying supper. Continue reading

Pippa’s Pancakes

Pippa is a vegetarian friend who finds my carnivorous habits distinctly off-putting.

She’s asked me for more meat-free recipes. It’s not that I don’t cook vegetarian food. I do. But I wouldn’t say any of it was particularly ground-breaking.

Cauliflower cheese, vegetarian curries, mushroom risotto, cheesy quiches and omelettes. I mean, they’re all really tasty, but any self-respecting vegetarian would already have their own version.

I’ve been racking my brains for something a bit more imaginative. Continue reading