How America Won The War (On Tomatillos)

Say what you like about social media, it can be a great way of getting back in touch with old friends and making new ones.

Take my US friend Karen. We’ve never met – she’s a friend of a friend – but I know if I ever turned up in Texas she’d make me welcome and we’d get on like a house on fire. The same goes for her mum, Sheila, who lives in California. Continue reading

Chicken Fajitas With Tomatillo Salsa

Image of a handful of tomatillos

North American readers (and Mexicans) can look away now because this is everyday stuff to them, but I’d never eaten a tomatillo until we were staying with our friends Matthew and Richard in north New York state. Matthew, a superb cook, bought some in the local market and made a fabulous green salsa. Continue reading