Apricot Tartlets with Almond & Lavender

While apricots are comparatively cheap and the lavender is still flowering, make these easy but luscious little tarts. Assembled in minutes, they make a lovely summery dessert. A dollop of vanilla ice cream doesn’t go amiss. Continue reading

Buttermilk Pudding with Raspberries

Image of Quo Vadis menuNot long ago I was lucky enough to eat, courtesy of the Guild of Food Writers, at Jeremy Lee’s Quo Vadis in London’s Soho. It’s a place with a colourful past, having been both a brothel and home to Karl Marx, though not, I think, at the same time.  Continue reading

Apricot and Ginger Tarte Tatin

Image of Howard's apricot bushes

I experienced serious fruit tree envy recently when visiting Kenton Hall in Suffolk, home of the McVeigh family and their longhorn cattle. It’s also home to Aunt Paddy and Uncle Howard, possessors of a lovingly-tended kitchen garden and crucially, of three or four espaliered apricots. Continue reading

Elderflower and Buttermilk Pannacotta

Image of elderflower and buttermilk panacotta

I think the best pannacotta I ever ate – in fact I think it was the first I ever ate –  was years ago in Italy when I was doing a television feature on the Slow Food movement.

The lovely Slow Food people took us to a restaurant in a wisteria-covered courtyard close by their office. The food was good but I was so blown away by the dessert I can’t remember anything else on the menu. Continue reading