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I was in the fortunate position recently of being able to interview one of my favourite chefs and cookery writers, Stevie Parle. The feature, for a business magazine, was about Stevie’s business model and the gamble he’s taking in opening his new restaurant, Rotorino.

There was a lot of foodie stuff discussed that it wasn’t appropriate to include in the piece, then I went to eat at Rotorino with a friend, so I thought I’d share both experiences with you here. Not warmed-up leftovers, hopefully, but an insight into the background of  a young but already very successful chef and his food. Continue reading

Orange Polenta Cake

Image of Stevie Parle

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I’ve got used to policeman looking younger than me but now chefs are getting in on the act. Sad but true.

Still, when it’s Stevie Parle, one of the new generation (comparatively speaking) of culinary wunderkinds, I really don’t mind.

He is one of those people who creates the sort of apparently effortless food you really want to eat. Continue reading