The Aigua Blava Cookbook #5: Shrimp Fritters

Hands up, this isn’t a dish I’ve ever seen made in Catalonia – it originates from Cadiz on the other side of the country – but these crispy shrimp fritters are so good I’ve adopted them into my Spanish cooking repertoire.

I’ve used British brown shrimps here for their depth of flavour. Continue reading

The Aigua Blava Cookbook #4: Gazpacho

Image of a Valencian building

Sarah and the Valencian apartment where she worked as an au pair

Sarah, my sister-in-law, once worked as an au pair for a wealthy family in Valencia in Spain. She had her hands full looking after a gaggle of children, the eldest of whom sounded like a proper little madam, and found herself awkwardly placed between Upstairs and Downstairs.  Continue reading

The Aigua Blava Cookbook #3: Broad Beans with Ham

Image of beans tossed in pan with parsley and bacon

This is the simplest recipe going but oh-so-delicious and one of my favourite tapas nibbles. Try it with a fat wedge of tortilla and a few French beans tossed in olive oil and lemon juice – it’s not quite as good as getting on a Costa Brava plane but it’ll still make you want to sing “Y Viva España”. Well, maybe. Continue reading

The Aigua Blava Cookbook #1

Image of the garden from the apartment's terrace

This blog has its genesis in a hand-written cookery book, now in its second volume, that I began 17 years ago in Aigua Blava in Catalonia.

I am fortunate enough to have married a man who, with his siblings, inherited an apartment in this lovely village on the Costa Brava. I’m even luckier to have married into a family who are as fond of food and cooking as I am. I am custodian of my late mother-in-law’s cookery books, one of them written in the back of the medical notes she made when she was training to be a doctor. Dissecting the inner ear on one page, paprika chicken on another. Continue reading