Cauliflower and Broccoli Gratin with Toasted Hazelnuts

This is unashamed comfort food and we ate it as a main course, although of course you can serve it as a side to meat if you like. Mixing broccoli in with the cauliflower somehow lightens the dish and the hazelnut topping adds crunch and an added dimension of flavour. I could happily scoff the whole lot single-handed. Continue reading

Hasselback Potatoes with Harissa

Image of Hasselback potatoes with harissaHasselback potatoes are definitely having a moment and understandably so as they look so appealing and taste so good. Apparently we have the Hasselbacken Hotel in Stockholm to thank for this method of slicing whole potatoes so that when they’re roasted they fan out like an accordion, or as Nigella Lawson puts it, like sauteed potatoes on the stem.

Normally they’re just rolled in oil and/or butter but variations on the original theme are legion. I thought they’d be good slathered with harissa Continue reading