Cultural Collisions in the Kitchen

I try to avoid treading on anyone’s toes when it comes to fiercely guarded cultural and culinary traditions, but when you’re trying not to waste food during lock-down, some strange combinations can result. If I was a famous chef there’d be people with pitchforks and firebrands at my door, or writing angry letters to newspapers, at least. Continue reading

Coriander and Cashew Nut Pesto

Image of fresh coriander

Normally I make pesto the traditional way, or at least with the traditional ingredients of basil and pine nuts – I don’t pound it by hand with a pestle and mortar although it would probably taste even better if I did.

Image of a bowl of coriander and cashew nut pestoBut I’m obliged to Rachel Roddy of Rachel Eats, whose recent blog post reminded me that it’s perfectly possible to ring the changes. Continue reading