Chicken with Butterbeans and Chorizo

Image of kitchen cupboardThere are some things I always try to have in the house: tins of beans and tomatoes, jars of roasted peppers, a spicy chorizo, fresh tomatoes, eggs, cheese, onions and garlic, fresh herbs. That way, I can always knock up something tasty to eat even if I haven’t made the trek to the shops, which for me involves a 20 minute drive in both directions.

Sometimes it means we’ll have a simple omelette for supper. At other times, I crave something fresh and spicy and pungent. This intensely garlicky one-pot tray bake is quick to prepare and cook. Continue reading

Tamarind-glazed Mackerel

Image of raw mackerel fillets

Most of us don’t eat enough fish. The UK government guidelines say (and I know we don’t trust them after they cut our recommended booze allowance, but still) we should eat two helpings a week, one of which should be an oily fish. This is a good place to start.

Mackerel is a fish that can take strong flavours. It benefits from sour notes to combat its richness, which is why it’s traditionally served with a gooseberry sauce. With goosegogs out of season I turned to Asian flavours: tamarind, ginger and chilli. Continue reading