Damson and Apple Cheese

Image of damson treeWe have masses of damsons this year, one of my favourite stoned fruits. Rather than endless pots of jam, I decided to make a damson cheese, which we love to eat with actual cheese.

A fruit cheese is denser than a jam, softer than a fruit leather. If you’re familiar with membrillo, or quince cheese, you’ll get the idea. Damsons are easier than quince to source and I reckon the result is just as good. Continue reading

Seville Orange Marmalade

Image of Seville oranges

We hear a lot about seasonal eating but globalisation and supermarket shopping means you can get most fruit and veg year round – even if by the time they hit your plate they don’t taste of much. One thing that is still truly seasonal is the Seville orange. Blink and you’ve missed it, along with your chances of making enough marmalade to get you through the next 12 months. Continue reading