Jewelled Berry Tartlets

Image of old wedding photos

If it wasn’t for Sarah, I wouldn’t be married to Him Outdoors. She’s one of my oldest friends and in a rash moment nearly 20 years ago she invited me to a house party where I was introduced to one of her brothers. Our eyes met over a drain he was digging in their father’s garden and the rest, dear reader, is history. (I should say the digging wasn’t part of the festivities, it preceded them. There was a long queue for the bathroom that day.)

She was telling me about another party she threw recently, the sort where people drift in and out over many hours, often with their kids in tow. The food needed to appeal to all generations, Continue reading

Not Just For Christmas

Image of free-range turkey

What do you cook for a big family birthday or – very apposite at the moment with all the university degree results coming through – a graduation party? Of course you could just take all your teens and twenties out for fish and chips or burgers or go upscale and take a select few to a posh restaurant.

But if you’re catering for the masses Continue reading

Party Nibbles

Image of goats' cheese truffles

Much as I love Christmas, it can be arduous enough without chaining yourself to the stove while all your friends and family are whooping it up with the mulled wine and cheap cava.

So I’ve kept these recipes for party snacks and nibbles as quick and easy as possible. Some are vegetarian, some not. Continue reading