Chicken with Summer Vegetables

This is the lightest, most summery dish and very adaptable to what you have on hand. Please don’t skip the cider, mustard and tarragon though … they are what brings the other ingredients to life and makes your guests reach for hunks of bread to dunk in the delectable sauce.

What vegetables you use depend on what you have handy … as it’s a one-pot dish and the garden is bursting with all sorts of good things, I used broad beans, peas, carrots, baby new potatoes and (the second time around, not shown in the picture below) French beans.  Continue reading

Summer Chicken – a One-Pot Meal

Image of baby turnips

This is my version of the French classic, poule au pot. I wanted to showcase the fabulous summer vegetables from our garden, although that was partially scuppered by the discovery that something had wormed its way through all of my beautiful baby turnips.

Onward and upward though – I still had the new potatoes, baby carrots, broad beans, peas and shallots, plus whatever I could salvage from the wreckage of the ‘nips.  Continue reading