Stuffed Breast of Lamb Middle Eastern-Style

Image of sliced, stuffed breast of lambBreast of lamb, sometimes sold as lamb belly, is one of those cuts that are as cheap as chips but can be off-puttingly greasy and chewy if it’s not cooked right.

I’m probably not selling it to you very well, but like most economical cuts of meat it can be very good if you give it a long, slow cooking.

This is a lovely way to use it, full of fruity flavours that cut through any fattiness and North African spices that warm the cockles of your heart on a damp autumn day. Continue reading

Cod Loin with Preserved Lemon

Image of cod loin with preserved lemon crustThis is a North African-influenced version of the cod loin with a tapenade crust I talked about a couple of months ago.

Again, it makes for a quick and easy supper and the flavours are really zingy – just right for giving your palate a tickle on an autumn evening. Continue reading