Leftover Lamb Pie with a Rosemary Crumb

This is a handy recipe for using up leftover lamb and potatoes from a Sunday roast. I sometimes get bored with my use-it-up standbys of shepherds’ pie, pilaf and curry, so for a change I tried this.

It’s unpretentious, homely cooking but it’s quick, it’s easy and it tastes good. Continue reading

Spicy Lamb Pilaf

It’s Monday night and you want a quick supper. You’re looking glumly at the leftover lamb from the Sunday roast. What to do?

Shepherds’ Pie doesn’t appeal. You make a moue at the thought of meatballs.

Can I make a polite suggestion? This spicy lamb pilaf is a one-pot meal that takes minutes to prepare and little longer to cook and it’s full of fragrant flavours. Continue reading

A slap-up Sunday lunch

I love it when a plan comes together and you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in the vegetable garden and kitchen in one slap-up meal. Continue reading