Easter Recipe Round-up

We’ve got the family coming for Easter and although they’re far too polite to demand a particular menu, their eyes tend to light up when they’re presented with roast lamb. Over the years I’ve cooked it in umpteen different ways. These are some of my favourites … and I’ve thrown in a few extra Easter recipes for good measure. Now’s the time to make your shopping list … Continue reading

Lamb Curry

Leftovers. It’s a bit of a catch-all word. At its worst it refers to those fridge lurkers you always meant to turn into a tasty dish and then forgot about: bits of meat blanketed under congealed fat; a bowl of gravy so ancient its top has cracked like parched mud; a heel of bread so hard you could brain a burglar with it.

At its best it’s the beginning of a new and delicious meal, one where you can smugly congratulate yourself on your thrift and ingenuity Continue reading