Veal Milanese

Image of Venetian gondoliers

Picture: M. Folley

‘At last!’ I hear you cry, ‘a blinking meat dish after all that fish.’ It seems a bit counter-intuitive to show you a picture of Venice and then give you, not a fish dish, not a Venetian dish, but a Milanese meat dish. But I first tasted this in Venice many years ago.

If that summons up romantic images of expensive eateries, sighing bridges and carolling gondoliers, please disabuse yourself. We were hard-up for cash, staying in a modern hotel on the mainland and eating in an unlovely neighbourhood trattoria. But I’ve never forgotten the veal, bread-crumbed and cooked until juicy and golden, sprinkled with salt and drenched in lemon juice. Continue reading

Risotto with Lemon

Image of risotto with lemonI’d been planning a broad bean risotto, to be honest, as we’re awash with them at the moment and they’re one of my favourite summer vegetables. Then my eye was caught by a recipe from Anna del Conte which described a risotto of a type I’d never made before, thickened and enriched at the end of cooking not just with parmesan but with egg yolk and cream. The clincher was that the key flavour was lemon. Continue reading