Gammon with Pineapple Salsa

Autumn is nearly upon us and it’s been so unsettled it took the farmer nearly a fortnight to harvest the wheat field at the bottom of our garden. Nonetheless I’m clinging to the end of summer and the hope of more sunshine between the downpours.

If the weather is hot and you don’t want to stand over the stove for too long, or if you’re like me and just can’t face reality, this recipe is perfect. It’s lively with sweet/sour/salt/hot flavours and requires the minimum of cooking. Continue reading

Gammon with Roast Peaches

We were wandering around the supermarket the other day, saying: “what haven’t we eaten for while?”  The answer was gammon steaks, something we rarely cook but which make a welcome change from time to time.

Our next stop was the fruit counter for some fresh and juicy peaches. Continue reading