Gluts and Gluttony

Image of courgettes growing in the gardenglut, acccording to my dictionary, is “an excessively abundant supply” of something.  Courgettes (zucchini) are one of those vegetables that virtually define the word.

Like buses, they all come at once. If you have even one courgette plant you are probably swamped with small green or yellow zeppelins and beginning to cast around for new and original ways to eat them. Continue reading

Go To Work On An Egg


Image of eggs in a pottery chicken

What a perfect thing an egg is.

It comes in its own elegant casket, pleasingly shaped to fit in the hand.

You can boil it, poach it, coddle it, fry it, scramble it, stuff it, beat it up into an omelette or a quiche or a tortilla, make an unctuous mayonnaise, whip up a syllabub, a meringue, a custard or an eggnog, use it to enrich soups and sauces and in pastries and cakes … Continue reading