Glazed Gammon Steaks

I read somewhere recently that the phrase “a quick supper” was a cliché. What? Why? Surely it’s a descriptor. Most of us eat supper or dinner or tea, call it what you will. And there are times in a busy working week when we want to produce something tasty in a short amount of time.

So cliché or not, this is a quick supper dish. Continue reading

Aromatic Oriental Pork Steaks

Image of pork steak served on stir-fried vegetablesThis is a quick and easy supper dish packed full of subtle Oriental flavours – more subtle than you’d think if you stuck your finger in the marinade and tasted it. Not that you’d do that, of course, because your hygiene standards are too high.

It’s great cooked on a barbecue, weather permitting, but it’s just as good whacked into a hot griddle pan. Juicy and aromatic. Continue reading