Tons of Wontons

Image of crispy fried wontons

I can happily eat my own body weight in dim sum but usually they’re something I’d go to a restaurant for.

Then I made a pleasant but inauthentic Peking Duck (the recipe search continues) and found myself with some leftovers.

The resulting spring rolls were a bit ‘meh’ but the dumplings were delicious – and versatile. Continue reading

Maple Glazed Duck With Oranges

Image of roast duck with maple glaze

I just can’t resist. My local supermarket seems to have fat juicy ducks on sale every time I go in and since I can get a whole bird for less than I can buy a couple of duck breasts, they go straight into my basket.

Back at Portly HQ, we have just picked and podded a bowl of new green peas from the garden, dug up some baby new potatoes so fresh you only have to scrub them to get their skins off, and beat the slugs to some home-grown strawberries for afters. I’m salivating just writing about it. Continue reading