Cheesy Potato Farls

Image of heart-shaped farl, cooked

I was planning to make potato farls anyway, because my vegetarian friend Pippa is pining for her Irish roots, hoho.

Then I saw a tweet from @fromhomage warning that the deadline was approaching for February’s Cheese! Please challenge, featuring cheesy romance.

And I have to say the two things have come together rather brilliantly. Continue reading

Cheese, Please! Challenge

Image of two cheeses

I’m enormously  (unfortunate choice of word) fond of cheese. I can scarf a large wedge at one sitting, even after a hefty (there I go again) meal. One of my favourite food bloggers, the witty and always interesting author of Fromage Homage, publishes a monthly challenge for fellow turophiles.

November’s challenge is for recipes with smoked cheese. Apparently you get additional points for smoking your own cheese using a tin can and a soldering iron while wearing a ridiculous cardigan. Continue reading