Bigod, That’s Tasty!

Well, Mrs Portly’s only had one week off, but I wanted to share these frankly fabulous little filo pies while redcurrants are still in season.

Crisp, buttery pastry oozing with melty Baron Bigod cheese and redcurrant jelly, offset by the sharp tang of fresh redcurrants. They’re rich but they’re tiny, just a few bites, so they’re perfect as a starter with a few salad leaves or as a warm canape. Continue reading

Grown-Up Party Food

Image of prawn shots and mixed canapes

Christmas is almost upon us and if you’re having a party, it’s tempting to throw up your hands and buy canapés from the shops. But if you do feel like making your own, here are a few quick and easy ideas. Continue reading

Party Nibbles

Image of goats' cheese truffles

Much as I love Christmas, it can be arduous enough without chaining yourself to the stove while all your friends and family are whooping it up with the mulled wine and cheap cava.

So I’ve kept these recipes for party snacks and nibbles as quick and easy as possible. Some are vegetarian, some not. Continue reading