Minted Lamb Pie with Forcemeat Balls

Image of glazed and decorated pieMrs Portly’s Great British Pie Week Pig-Out is almost over, which will come as a sad disappointment to my husband but a great relief to the seams on my trousers. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who suggested ideas and if yours haven’t appeared this week, keep an eye out, because I’ll be revisiting the subject.

I’m finishing with a flourish and a rather magnificent Minted Lamb Pie, inspired by a mutton pie from Eliza Acton. Continue reading

Rhubarb and Raspberry Pie

Image of a basket of rhubarbIt’s Day Three of Mrs Portly’s Pie Week (and incidentally British Pie Week but that’s just the excuse) and maybe time to get a bit of fruit into our diets.

I love the combination of rhubarb and raspberries … it’s one of my favourite fruit crumblesContinue reading

Leek and Caerphilly Filo Pie

Image of leeks, washed and sliced

This is perhaps best described as a spanokopita that detoured to Suffolk via Wales.

A spanokopita, of course, is a Greek pie made with filo pastry and filled with spinach and feta. But when I conducted a straw poll on Mrs Portly’s Facebook page to ask readers what they’d like me to cook for this week’s British Pie Week, Penny asked me to concentrate on great British ingredients and Jo suggested leek and cheese (and filo). Continue reading

Sausage Pie

It’s British Pie Week, an event which cannot go unmarked in Mrs Portly’s Kitchen. So I’m going to give you a pie recipe every day from Monday to Friday this week and I’m starting with an old-fashioned family favourite.

There are fancier pies, it’s true, but when it comes to classic comfort food few things beat a good sausage pie.  Continue reading