Duck, I’ll Be Waffling

Image of Aldeburgh food and drink festival

Image courtesy of Aldeburgh Food and Drink

It’s the annual Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival this weekend, where Suffolk producers gather to showcase what they grow, rear and make. I say Suffolk, but we let a few other East Anglians in too, if they ask nicely. I’m biased but I think it’s the best food festival in the country. For sheer quality it’s unbeatable. Continue reading

Aldeburgh 2015

Image of Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival

Copyright Bokeh Photographic

As I write, there are just 24 hours to go to this year’s Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival. For us festival-goers it’s a day out but the producers who man the stalls will have been slaving for weeks to make sure they’ve got enough product to sell and hoping it flies off the stands. Continue reading

Mike Keen Gets Crabby

That’s a seriously unfair title as so far I’ve never seen Mike lose his cool and he’s actually an extremely likeable bloke. I was going to call this Mike Keen’s Crab Meat and Smoked Salmon Scotch Eggs but let’s face it, that’s a bit long-winded. So crabby it is. Continue reading

Mrs Portly Goes To Aldeburgh

Image of crowds at the 2014 Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival

Actually Mrs Portly goes to the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival every year but this year I actually got my hands dirty (literally – egg and breadcrumbs – more on that later) and what a fantastic weekend it was. Continue reading