Hedgerow Jelly

Image of elderberries growingThere’s something enormously satisfying about getting food for free – if you ignore the personal cost of the bramble scratches, nettle stings and midge bites.

You can make this jelly with a wide variety of hedgerow fruits in addition to the crab apples – try blackberries, wild plums (bullaces), sloes and elderberries. If you can’t source crabapples, cooking apples will do.  Continue reading

Elderflower and Buttermilk Pannacotta

Image of elderflower and buttermilk panacotta

I think the best pannacotta I ever ate – in fact I think it was the first I ever ate –  was years ago in Italy when I was doing a television feature on the Slow Food movement.

The lovely Slow Food people took us to a restaurant in a wisteria-covered courtyard close by their office. The food was good but I was so blown away by the dessert I can’t remember anything else on the menu. Continue reading

Wild Plum Jam

Image of white bullaces growing on the tree

I’d never heard of bullaces before I moved to Suffolk. Now I’m knee deep in them.

They’re a type of wild plum that grows in the hedgerows in East Anglia, although different varieties apparently grow in various parts of the UK, from east to west. Continue reading