Mrs Portly’s Top 10

It’s only been nine months since I launched Mrs Portly’s Kitchen, but as it’s traditional round about now to look back over the year, I thought it might be fun to share the 10 most popular posts so far. Continue reading

Beef and Pigeon Pie

Image of Darina Allen in the kitchen garden at Ballymaloe House

Darina Allen – love those trainers
Picture courtesy of Ballymaloe Cookery School

A British newspaper recently published a sympathetic, even enthusiastic profile of Irish cookery guru Darina Allen, but whoever wrote the headline needs a good slap. Continue reading

Cheese, Please! Challenge

Image of two cheeses

I’m enormously  (unfortunate choice of word) fond of cheese. I can scarf a large wedge at one sitting, even after a hefty (there I go again) meal. One of my favourite food bloggers, the witty and always interesting author of Fromage Homage, publishes a monthly challenge for fellow turophiles.

November’s challenge is for recipes with smoked cheese. Apparently you get additional points for smoking your own cheese using a tin can and a soldering iron while wearing a ridiculous cardigan. Continue reading

Sinfully Tempting Devil’s Food Cake

Our niece Alex was saddled with me for a whole day recently. Knowing her fondness for cakes, I suggested a baking session to while away the hours.

Her eyes lit up.

“Lemon cake?” I said, tentatively.

Her face fell.

“Chocolate cake?”

Bingo! Big smile. Continue reading

Spicy Lamb with Aubergines and Couscous

Image of pomegranates, whole and sliced

I am a big fan of Yotam Ottolenghi. I always liked eating his imaginative Middle Eastern-inspired food in his restaurants when I lived in London and now I often cook from his books at home.

I can honestly say I have never cooked one of his dishes which wasn’t a) delicious and b) didn’t work perfectly first time. They also look really beautiful – who can resist a scattering of jewelled pomegranate seeds? Continue reading