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Compilation posts can seem a bit lazy but trust me, a lot of work has gone into the Courgette Edit. I’ve been growing and cooking courgettes for years, and as anyone who has planted summer squash knows, they are inexhaustible. No matter how many you eat or give away there is a constant supply and new recipes are always welcome.

It can be useful to be reminded of old ones too. There are some here I’d forgotten I’d cooked and I’m strangely drawn to the courgette and blue cheese gratin circa 2015. I have all the ingredients and anyway, who doesn’t like *insert almost any ingredient name here* bathed in a cheesy sauce topped with breadcrumbs? Well, dieters, but we’ll have no truck with such nonsense in Mrs Portly’s Kitchen. It’s all in the name.

Image of courgette bouquetThese Crispy Cheesy Courgettes are my newest favourite. Based on a recipe brought back from Tuscany by my friend Karon, it’s a dish even my courgette loathing husband thoroughly enjoys. (Cheesy breadcrumbs again, always a surefire winner.)

Kathy Slack’s Griddled Courgette Rolls are beautifully summery and if the weather’s still holding where you are, can be finished on the barbecue.

This Courgette Antipasto, based on recipes from Rachel Roddy and Frank Fariello, is a bit of a faff to make but it’s worth it. It’ll keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks and makes a great addition to a barbecue or to an assembley of cold cuts or cheeses.

If you’ve got a courgette that escaped your notice and ballooned into something marrow-like (we’ve all been there, some of us rather often, *sigh*) or just fancy a bit of spice in your life, try these Courgette Bhajis. Honestly, they’re delicious. An over-used word in food blogs but valid here, I feel.

Image of courgette bhajis

Want a vegetarian main course dish for four or more? How about this Courgette Tarte Tatin? Another one I’d completely forgotten about but I suspect it’ll be returning to our table soon.

Possibly the worst and least descriptive name for a recipe I’ve ever concocted, this Courgette Combo is actually a gorgeous mixture of giant couscous, bulgur wheat, olives, capers, sundried tomatoes, herbs and lemons. And, of course, courgettes. Well, obviously.

Image of courgette combination salad

My Courgette, Pea and Mint Soup can be eaten hot or cold and freezes well. It’s rather nice to be able to fish it out in the depths of winter and be reminded of summer’s bounty.

The Venetian Courgette Salad in this post is a combined attempt on the part of our family to replicate a particularly good cicchetti my sisters-in-law ate in Italy. You’ll also find some links to extra courgette recipes not listed here today. Happy eating!

14 thoughts on “The Courgette Edit

  1. A gardening friend has just overloaded me with courgette bounty. I think she’s being generous. She thinks she knows a sucker when she sees one. Either way, this post comes just in time … thank you

  2. I happen to be a courgette lover and am so pleased to have a list of recipes for same.
    I hope my newly planted courgettes overwhelm me with their fruits so that I can stuff myself with all these delights. Roll on Summer! :))

  3. Ah yes, the gift that keeps on giving… I remember the summer (while we were living outside Rome) I planted zucchini/courgettes for the first time. Innocently I figured that four plants would do for the two of us… ! Needless to say, that kept our little household plus the neighbors and many of my office colleagues supplied all summer long. I was even considering setting up a stand at the local market…

    Anyway a lovely collection of recipes. I think I’d missed the Venetian Courgette Salad which I want to add to my collection. And thanks again for the shout out on the antipasto.

    • My pleasure, thank you for always being so generous with your recipes. Yes, we’ve got four plants but it’s been a hot summer here and they’re growing into the asparagus bed (fortunately finished) and they’re even swamping the sweetcorn. We watched Day of the Triffids on TV the other night … 😀
      All the best, Linda x

  4. A courgette compilation is like courgettes themselves – a seemingly endless bounty of goodies. Thanks for reminding us of these recipes.
    Question. Do you think the courgette for the antipasto HAVE to be fried? When I semi-dried them in thick rings they were crispy, sweet and juicy. It seemed a shame to subject them to more heat but I wasn’t sure if it’s a necessary part of the process to make sure they keep.

    • You’re welcome, Sue. And that’s a really good question. This is a refrigerator pickle which is meant to be eaten within a week or two … griddling adds to the look and the flavour but I think you’d be ok as long as everything is (as I’m sure it always is in your kitchen) scrupulously clean. Lxxx

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