Wild Garlic, Potato and Chorizo Omelette

This is inspired by the Spanish tortilla I love so much and although the familiar potato version is wonderful (regardless of the debate over the inclusion of onion and whether or not to put anchovies on the top) this omelette steps up the flavours with wild garlic and chorizo.

I’d foraged a big bag of garlic leaves and I had some spicy chorizo in the fridge, so it was a no-brainer for a quick and easy supper. Rather than the usual sliced potato, fried gently for ages in olive oil until translucent, I diced the potatoes into small cubes and cooked them in an air frier with the minimum of fat. There’s plenty of oil in the chorizo.

I used a 21cm diameter omelette pan (measured across the top).

Wild Garlic, Potato and Chorizo Omelette

Image of Wild Garlic, Potato and Chorizo Omelette


75g spicy chorizo, skinned and diced

3 or 4 slim spring onions, trimmed and sliced

300g potato, peeled, diced and air-fried

15g wild garlic leaves (about 6 leaves), central spines removed, sliced, a couple reserved for garnish

5 eggs, beaten

Salt and pepper, to taste


In a bowl, beat the eggs and season lightly with salt and pepper.

Put the omelette pan on a medium heat and dry fry the chorizo until the oil runs and the chorizo is darkening a little. Remove and set aside on kitchen paper. Briefly fry the spring onions in the chorizo oil, then add the sliced wild garlic and wilt it for a minute.

Add the chorizo back into the pan, pour over the beaten eggs and reduce the heat to low. Cook gently until the bottom is golden and the omelette almost set, then put a plate over the top and invert it.

If you’re feeling fancy, arrange the reserved garlic leaves in the bottom of the pan before returning the omelette to cook the other side. (Frankly, they’ll probably get dislodged but it’s worth a try, you may be daintier in your handling than me. If all else fails you can fish them out and artfully arrange them over the top while the omelette is still warm, brushed with a little oil to make them stick. Yep, I did that.)

When the second side is golden and while the omelette is still a little soft in the middle, do the whole plate/inversion thing again and slide it onto a clean serving plate. It will continue to set from the residual heat. Leave for 15 or 20 minutes before tucking it – it’s best tepid. I usually serve it with a crisp green salad.

Any leftovers are still good cold, though not fridge cold, and make great picnic or lunch box fodder.

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  1. This appeals greatly bar the fact that wild garlic is not that readily available Down Under . . . ask Mr Google and he directs you to the ‘seeds to grow’ section 🙂 ! Must try some farmers’ markets !

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