Easter Fumble

Well, this is embarrassing. You know how hard it’s been to keep track of the days of the week during lockdown? So, yes, I managed to mislay Easter.

I wrote a suitably seasonal post two weeks early so I suppose I get brownie points for planning ahead. I thought about doing something bread-and-butter-puddingy this week with leftover Colomba di Pasqua but truth be told I haven’t even unwrapped the dratted thing yet. Anyway, neither of us likes bread and butter pudding.

I could list all the Easter recipes I’ve ever done but you can find them easily enough via the search box. I will though point you towards a different sort of Italian Easter bread and one that’s easily made at home, given a bit of time and energy.

It’s a flower pot bread (although you can use a cake tin) I made a while back. Eat it for breakfast or elevenses as it is, slather it with butter, or toast it and then slather it with butter. So many choices. I’m going back to bed, probably until Christmas, but before I do, here’s the link. Happy Easter!

7 thoughts on “Easter Fumble

  1. Happy Easter, whether or not you spend it under your duvet. which would be a shame with all these spring flowers doing their winsome best. For my part, I’m not sure I can summon up the energy for flower pot bread this week – but I will – one day in the not too distant future. My kinda treat!

    • Thanks, Margaret. Actually I’m busy writing and plotting new cookery courses, but my motivational mojo has been a bit lacking this week. So I understand if you’re not up to bread making – neither am I! Have a good Easter in your lovely Yorkshire hills and dales. Lx

  2. Don’t you worry. I have been jonesing to make some orange candied peel and was directed to one of your with the new link. I forgot you posted one and thank you for it. Enjoy this weekend and maybe Easter too. Still deliberating on the Easter Tiffin myself. High end Malted Milk balls would be the tipping point. I fear I found some.

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