Salmon Terrines

I hardly dare wish you a Happy New Year but I do sincerely hope the next 12 months will be an improvement on what has gone before. If you’d like to celebrate leaving 2020 behind (and who wouldn’t?) then this is a good start to a meal and to 2021.

In addition to the smoked salmon in the recipe, I used baked fresh salmon. If you’d like the dish to be more pungent, try using hot smoked salmon instead.

If you want to save money or just can’t be bothered to fiddle about, you don’t have to make terrines at all, although they look pretty. The filling works just as well spread on hot toast as a salmon pâté.

Salmon Terrines


Approx 300g cold cooked salmon, skinless and boneless, flaked

Approx 600g thinly sliced smoked salmon (if you use a pack of smoked salmon offcuts for the filling, you’ll only need about 400g sliced)

340g cream cheese (I used Philadelphia)

25g fresh dill, fronds picked (reserve a few for garnish)

Juice of 1/2 lemon

2 tbs creamed horseradish

Black pepper


Put 175g roughly chopped smoked salmon, the cream cheese, fresh salmon and dill in a food processor and blend. Alternatively, finely chop and mix in a bowl. You can make the filling smooth or more textured, your choice.

Stir through the lemon juice and creamed horseradish. Season to taste with black pepper and if necessary, salt.

Lightly oil eight small ramekins (about 70ml capacity) and line them with smoked salmon, leaving some overhanging the sides. Fill with the salmon pâté and flip the overhang over to cover the top.

Cover and refrigerate for at least six hours or overnight. When you’re ready to serve, run a small palette or table knife gently around the edges of the terrines and invert them onto serving plates. Garnish with the reserved dill fronds.

We ate ours with rye bread and a cucumber salad lightly dressed with rice vinegar, mirin and a sprinkle of salt. Happy New Year! (Fingers crossed.)

9 thoughts on “Salmon Terrines

  1. These are beautiful. And perfect for company. When I can have company. And for those who like salmon. I know so many people who don’t eat fish. It’s truly annoying. I could eat salmon every day. Well I’m with you, I have my hopes on 2021. Can’t be worse than 2020? Happy New Year!

    • Thanks so much, Mimi, I’m glad you like them. Happy New Year to you too. Things can only get better, or that’s what I keep telling myself. All the best to you and your family. Lx

  2. These look absolutely delicious. Many thanks Linda for your inspirational recipes and musings, appreciated more than ever this year. I raise a glass to you and hope that 2021 will herald better things and a return to something closer to normality. x

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