Wookie Cookies

I’m more of a Trekkie than a Star Wars fan, but who doesn’t have a soft spot for Chewbacca? I’ve been meaning to make these Wookie Cookies for years, so here they are, finally, in time for Star Wars Day, May The Fourth (be with you). Feel free to improve on my artwork, I barely scraped through my A-level.

I’ve used a gingerbread dough for the bodies and ready-made chocolate fondant for the facial features and bandoliers because, frankly, life is too short to be making it from scratch for a batch of biscuits. It’s also a lot easier if you’re baking these with children, but if you want to DIY, there are lots of recipes online.

Another alternative is to make chocolate glace icing and let it dry before adding the bullets to the bandoliers. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. I’m spaced out and I need a nice cup of tea. Earl Grey, hot.

Make the cookies so …

Wookie Cookies

  • Servings: makes 15-24 depending on cutter size
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Since I wrote this we’ve heard the sad news of the death of Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew. One of the many tributes came from Rian Johnson, director of The Last Jedi: “To create a beloved character with warmth and humor is a testament to any actor’s spirit. To do it under a half ton of yak hair takes a true legend.” Rest in peace, Peter. 


350g plain flour

1 tspn bicarbonate of soda

2-3 tspn ground ginger, to taste

1/2 tspn ground cinnamon

100g butter

175g light muscovado sugar

4 tbsp golden syrup

1 egg, beaten

To decorate:

Ready-made chocolate fondant (or see intro)

White glace icing or white chocolate chips


Pre-heat the oven to 375F/190C,Gas Mark 5. Grease three baking trays.

Sift the flour, bicarb and spices into a bowl. Cut the butter into small pieces and rub it into the flour mixture until it looks like fine breadcrumbs, then stir through the sugar.

Beat the egg with the golden syrup and add to the bowl. Mix to form a smooth dough then get your hands in there and knead it lightly.

Lightly flour your work surface and roll out half of the dough to about 5mm thick. Using a gingerbread man cutter, cut out shapes, then repeat with the remaining dough, re-rolling where necessary. With a sharp knife or the tines of a fork, make cuts/marks on the head and body to simulate wookie hair. (Good grief.)

Bake for 10-12 minutes until they’ve darkened slightly in colour, then remove gently with a spatula (they’ll still be a bit bendy at this point) and leave to harden and cool on a wire rack.

Roll out the chocolate fondant and cut strips for the bandoliers. Brush one side with a little water to help them stick, and press into place. Add a row of white chocolate chips to the bandoliers (a double row if you have space), or pipe on dots of white glace icing. Add eyes and noses. Leave to set then store in an airtight tin.  


12 thoughts on “Wookie Cookies

  1. What a shame. The day after you post the recipe, we hear the actor who played Chewy has died.

  2. I never thought I would like to bite a wookie! I’m actually a bit of a Star Wars fan and I do know a couple of likeminded people that would probably burst into an impromptu Ewok-dance routine if they would find a tray of these on their work desks 😀 fantastic idea!

  3. Thank you for the lovely inspiration, just finished making my Chewbaccas ready for posting to my grandson tomorrow 😁 Job done 👍 🤗

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