Spring Salads

It’s that time of year when you crave crisp, crunchy salad stuff: anything, really, other than the stodge that’s kept you going through what has been a ridiculously long winter.

The weather here in the UK has spun dizzily from wet, cold, and wintry to (probably deceptively) hot and sunny. It’s hard to keep up but while we bask, however briefly, in glorious sunshine, here are some springtime recipes that involve a minimum of cooking. Put your sunnies on and dig out the garden furniture from the shed ….

Broad Bean and Goat’s┬áCheese Salad:

Image of broad bean and goat's cheese salad

Asparagus and Freekeh Salad:

Image of Asparagus and Freekeh Salad

Hot and Spicy Steak Salad:

Image of hot and spicy steak salad

Chicory, Stilton and Hazelnut Salad:

Image of chicory, Stilton and hazelnut salad

Melon Salad:Image of melon salad

9 thoughts on “Spring Salads

  1. Heavens: five such wonderful ideas in the one post! You are probably too young to remember the song lyrics ‘Somewhere in my youth or (miserable) childhood, I must have done something good’ . . . Trust me – love the steak salad best: in Australia this much used sauce is labelled ‘kecap manis’ . . . and I do make salads at every season here . . . and here we go . . .

  2. We’re still waiting for the sun on this side of the pond… Those salads do looks wonderful, though. The first reminds me of the fave e pecorino that used to be my favorite for May 1st. Here’s hoping that spring will have finally arrived by then!

    • I hope so too! We’ve had a freak heat wave here but apparently it’s about to return to the usual English diet of April showers. Joy! Thanks once again for the kind words. Lx

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