Mrs Portly’s Cookery Classes

Hello everyone.

As regular readers will know, I’m planning cookery courses based at Mrs Portly’s Kitchen here in Suffolk. They will be friendly, relaxed and hands-on, with a maximum of four people per group so you’ll get plenty of personal attention.

There will be, I hope, something for everyone. The two day courses would incorporate visits to artisanal producers, with the option to stay at our beautiful and historic (if sometimes slightly ramshackle) Tudor house with its lovely two and a half acre garden.

I’d be really grateful if you could take the time to complete this short Facebook survey so that I can gauge the extent of interest. (Just click on the first bit – FB’s code is a bit baffling.)

Thank you so much!

Best wishes,

Linda (aka Mrs P).

21 thoughts on “Mrs Portly’s Cookery Classes

  1. Filled in! I guess ideally I can’t imagine much better than a two day residential course, but I suspect that’d be way out of my affordability. I would like to come for a day course though, if I can xx Good luck with this, though I’m sure you wouldn’t need luck! 💕

      • I will most definitely try. May drag Steph with me… (though I suspect that will be willingly, not kicking and screaming)

      • That would be splendid. I have some thoughts on guest teachers, too, but (depressingly) it depends on whether it’s practical in terms of travelling and costings. Lxxx

      • yes, Steph’s been educating me on all the associated costs involved in teaching. Things like travel and accomm are widely prohibitive. I’m sure there’s a rich pool of East Anglian talent 🙂

      • Yes, when you add in the cost of a B&B and an evening meal on top of petrol or rail fares AND the course fees, it can get very pricey. That’s why I’m thinking of doing all-inclusive for the two day courses, at least then you know, apart from travel costs, exactly how much it’ll be. And we’re lucky in that we have far too many bedrooms! Lx

  2. I think these sound great, and a fantastic new initiative. Realistically, by the time I add in travel and accommodation costs, it probably won’t happen, even though I know I’d learn a lot. But I’d like to be kept in the loop.

    • Thank you, Margaret, that’s very kind. I’m trying to keep the costs as low as possible while still making it financially viable, and of course I’ll keep you in the loop. It’ll all be on Mrs P anyway, once I’ve done my research and arithmetic. I would love you and Penny to come if you could. Regards, Linda.

  3. Great idea, the whole-package deal! Hubby and I usually pick our travel destitations by their “yum-factor”, and we spend a lot of time in little artisan shops, markets and the like – having a guide for those things, and a day in the kitchen with some of the results of snooping through a new town’s products sounds perfect! For international travelers like us, your comfortable 2-day-package would be a wonderful starting- or ending point of a bigger trip around England, much more appealing than a “regular” cooking class of just a few hours randomly crammed into our timetable. Now, if I could only explain to hubby “What on earth do you need a cooking class for…?” *sigh* Anyways, from my weekend-getaway- or foodie-travel oriented point of view… fantastic idea! Good luck~!

    • Thank you for the encouraging words, lovely woman. Suffolk is a fantastic place for food producers and a lovely county … maybe you could burn a few dinners and convince him you need a refresher course? 😀

  4. Hehe~ I think he knows me well enough to suspect a bigger scheme behind that… But, when I talked to him about your “explore & cook a new region” plans, he actually nodded and said “Now *that* makes total sense”. 😀 Seems, you broke down a wall right there~

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