A Scarlet Woman

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine. I say friend, even though we’ve never met, because she’s generous, she’s creative and she’s a very good cook. You don’t have to be all these things to be my friend (I don’t always qualify on all points myself) but I think we could share a meal, a bottle of wine and a good laugh if we ever did get together in real life.

Lynn Scarlet Clark is the author of a blog called Ink Sugar Spice and quite often when I’m thinking about a particular recipe I find she’s beaten me to it. I was going to write about making corn tortillas from scratch but Lynn got there first and her piece is so thorough I thought I’d share it with you. Lynn is a perfectionist and a talented artist and maker of things … she even made her own cookie cutters. I really like her blog and you might, too. Please check it out if you have time.

This will be the last Tuesday post on Mrs P for a while, although there’ll still be a recipe every Friday. I hope you’ll bear with me as I work on a new project, developing cookery classes which will take place at Portly HQ. Watch this space! (Just not on a Tuesday.)

13 thoughts on “A Scarlet Woman

  1. Ooh, err, blimey – you can’t get nicer than that! That’s a very generous thing to write, although I’m not sure I quite recognise my scatty self in it. All I can say is thanks for such fab words and for your delicious food and inspiration. And yes, definitely friends – I can tell we’d get on by your irreverent online comments 😉

    We’ll have that bottle of wine and one hell of an evening when you get your cookery classes up and running – as I’ll be over to see you then. xx

  2. Do you know, I’d never clocked that your posts were regularly on Tuesdays? I shall hope to hear more about these classes of yours, and shall look out for Lynn Scarlet Clark

    • Mimi, lovely woman, you also qualify in spades! One of the best things about setting up Mrs P is the friendships I’ve made around the world with like-minded people and you’re definitely on my dinner party list. 🙂 Lxxxx

      • In all seriousness, I’d love it. Can’t imagine we’ll be visiting the States while Trump is in charge though, I’m afraid. You’ll just have to come here! (And you would always be welcome.) xx

      • I think I told you, but my daughter lived in London for four years, and I visited her a lot, plus traveled around… probably won’t go back. I did certainly fall in love with England, though.

      • Yes, you did say, although I hadn’t realised you wouldn’t be coming back. 🙁 I don’t suppose we can tempt you with a stay in a 16th century house with a stream running through the garden? 🙂

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