Mothering Sunday

Image of violetsWhen I was a child our parents would put us on our bikes and send us off to Sunday School at the nearest church, two and a half miles away. It was probably the only bit of peace and quiet they got all weekend.

We weren’t keen on sticking pictures of an improbably blond, blue-eyed Christ into little books while being catechised by well-meaning parish ladies, so we often faked a puncture.

But I did love the Mothering Sunday service, when each of us children would be presented with a tiny, fragrant bunch of violets, their stems still wet, to give to our mums when we got home. It was a charming tradition, even if mine usually got bunged in an egg cup on the kitchen window sill, where it rapidly wilted.

Image of Simnel CakeI was reminded of that when looking back at Mothers’ Day cake possibilities for the coming weekend.

In this simnel cake I went for broke and not only made the traditional 11 balls of marzipan to symbolise the Apostles (minus Judas) but also crystallised violets and primroses to place on top.

If that doesn’t appeal and you still want to give your mum a cake … or help your kids make one for you to scoff yourself … you might want to have a look at the following recipes.

Lemon Polenta Drizzle Cakes: my personal favourite. Make them as individual cakes and share them round the family.

Devil’s Food Cake: definitely one for the chocaholics and not for dieters. Check your cream, sugar and chocolate stocks before embarking on it.

Rhubarb and Orange Friands: rhubarb is in season now and these airy little bites are a joy to eat. Make them on the day as they don’t keep well.

Italian Easter Flower Pot Breads: I’m getting ahead on the church calendar here but these fruity enriched tea breads are fun to make in their clay flower pots and make a pretty gift, tied with a ribbon.

Chocolate Tiffin Crunch: if you can’t be bothered with baking, these are child’s play to make and again, can be attractively packaged as a present.

Happy Mothering Sunday to all you mums out there. I hope your family brings you breakfast in bed, takes you out for lunch and generally spoils you rotten.

15 thoughts on “Mothering Sunday

  1. I think it entirely unfair of your parents to skip the Sunday services themselves! I would have saved up my lunch money all week and paid someone to attend in my place. Nevertheless, entirely lovely recipes and will bake myself one for Sunday!

    • Ha, I know! They were strictly weddings, christenings and funerals types, with the odd Christmas and harvest festival service thrown in. Thank you for the kind words, hope you enjoy whatever you choose to make. Lxxx

  2. Every one of these desserts look spectacular! We’re a few weeks away from rhubarb here on Beaver Island, but it’s a spring treat I always look forward to. Thanks, Linda!

  3. Ha! If you want a blond and blue eyed Jesus, I suggest a trip to a church in South Korea. The average British Sunday School can’t compete. I like you already (I always did actually) for calling the day Mothering Sunday. I do too, but it’s a bit of a lost cause. Strictly no cake for me though, I don’t want to be mummy x 2.

    • Really? I didn’t visit any Korean churches, I was too busy working (and eating). I much prefer Mothering Sunday to Mothers’ Day but yes, we’re probably out of step with the rest of the world. I was going to say no cake for me either but Gill Meller just made me (and a bunch of other lucky people) a chocolate brownie and you don’t say no to that. 🙂

      • I only visited one inside. Where we found North European Jesus. But several were plentifully decorated outside, so that’s how we know. Enjoy that brownie….

      • How odd. The brownie was very good, infused with bay, a lovely combination. I may have to rummage through his book Gather and see if it’s in there. PS I like you too. 😀

  4. Very nice post Linda. Mothering Sunday. Who knew? Lemon Polenta Drizzle Cakes. So noted and printed. Time for a digital scale I guess. Happy Spring.

    • Thanks, Chip. It’s an old-fashioned term which has largely been superseded by Mothers’ Day but I rather like it. The lemon drizzles are recommended! Happy Spring to you too. L

    • Funny how some fairly random memories stay with you throughout life, isn’t it? Our garden is smothered in violets at the moment and I still love them. 🙂

      • They really remind me of my Nana as her garden was filled with them – still remember though she died when I was about five. Maybe scent and flowers really trigger memories xxx

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