Blood Orange Gin

Image of sliced blood oranges

I know why they call them blood oranges now. During a moment’s inattention, I cut the tip off my finger when I was slicing them.

But while blood oranges are still in season, grab half a dozen. Because apart from the gore-fest that was my kitchen last night, this makes a fantastic cocktail ingredient.

Image of blood orange gin underwayIt’s hardly a recipe at all, really. Just slice up five or six blood oranges, skin and all (but preferably not your own), put them into a Kilner jar with a couple of tablespoons of golden caster sugar, top up with gin (I used around 70cl), seal and shake to dissolve the sugar.

You can add more sugar to make it more of a liqueur but I like the bitterness the oranges impart mostly unaided.

Leave the jar in a cool, dark place for a couple of months, then (ideally) strain into a bottle and use as the basis for a stonking Martini or a.n.other cocktail of your choice.

6 thoughts on “Blood Orange Gin

  1. Do you remember a few years ago we seemed to go through a pc phase of being urged to call them ‘sanguinellas’ As if. It didn’t catch on. As your finger testifies. This sounds VERY good. For when the sloe gin runs out, eh?

    • I’ve seen them described as “blush” oranges, Sanguinellas, all sorts of things except blood oranges. It seems the supermarkets think we can’t cope with something so baldly named. Just as Sevilles are now often labelled “marmalade oranges” in case we’re too thick to know the difference. It is highly unlikely, btw, that we will ever run out of sloe gin as we make it in near-industrial quantities, but I think this will make a refreshing change. 😀

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