Dolphin and Duffin

… not a recipe, although it sounds like something 18th century sailors might have eaten on a deep sea voyage when they ran out of pemmican and hard tack. No, this is a reference to my recent appearance on BBC Radio Suffolk, on the afternoon show hosted by Lesley Dolphin. She has generously invited me to do a regular seasonal foodie spot and I made my debut on Friday.

Image of Mrs P in the studio with Lesley Dolphin

I must confess I was quite nervous before I went into the studios. Lesley wanted the first interview to be an introduction to me and my alter ego Mrs Portly and so it meant a good half hour “on the sofa” talking about myself. My friends will tell you I never mind talking about myself but I spent 30-odd years as a broadcaster and until now I’ve always been the one asking the questions. It was going to be weird, I thought, being on the wrong side of the mic.

As it turns out I needn’t have worried because Lesley quickly put me at ease and the time flew by. I could happily have chuntered on for another hour but Lesley was off-air by then (I wonder if that was deliberate?) so her listeners were spared.

Image of spoon cutting into cake

We chatted, chuckled, ate cake (I’d taken in some of my lemon polenta drizzle cakes, baked specially for the occasion) and listened to music. One track was Carly Simon. I forget which one, now, but Him Outdoors commented drily afterwards that Lesley should have picked ‘You’re So Vain’. He loves me really.

If you’d like to listen you can find the interview here – it’ll be on BBC iPlayer for another 28 days so gird up your loins, make a cup of tea and cut yourself a slice of cake. You’ll need it.

I’m really looking forward to my return appearances. I only hope Lesley and her listeners are too.

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