Dinner à Deux

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Everyone, surely, would like a kiss on Valentine’s Day and that’s my best advice when it comes to cooking for your loved one today – stick to the KISS principle.

Keep It Simple and you should avoid turning your dinner à deux into a dinner oh duh.

Here – and I speak from personal experience – are some suggested do’s and don’ts:

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Don’t over-complicate the menu and don’t experiment wildly with something you’ve never cooked before. In the early stages of our relationship my husband and I tried doing something tricksy with oysters – in the culinary sense I mean – and they turned out so salty as to be virtually inedible.

Do prepare ahead – you don’t want to be spending all night sweating inelegantly over a stove rather than flirting elegantly over a glass of bubbly.

Having said that, don’t hit the champagne too early. It’s not a great aid to cooking unless it’s in the sauce.

I would caution against flavours that could linger unpleasantly on the breath – so the Chicken with 50 Cloves of Garlic is probably a no-no today.

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Don’t eat so much that you have to change into your Bridget Jones Big Pants just so you can breathe. I remember the time when I ate so much mashed potato that my partner had to walk me round the block. I thought it was funny and quirky. He just thought I was weird. (He married me anyway but not all men are so easy-going.)

And finally, do set a timer just in case you get distracted by the charms of your significant other. I once cremated a chicken casserole that way and we had to go out for a Chinese takeaway.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Dinner à Deux

  1. Haha, this cracked me up…and worried me as I think I am planning to break every rule of yours this evening. Loving the idea of you having to be ‘walked round the block’ due to mashed potato overdose. The first romantic meal my other half cooked for me (he’s not a great cook, bless him) he tipped half a bottle of Thai fish sauce into the pan by mistake, which is never a great start to a meal…

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