Mrs Portly’s Top 10

It’s only been nine months since I launched Mrs Portly’s Kitchen, but as it’s traditional round about now to look back over the year, I thought it might be fun to share the 10 most popular posts so far.

So here, in reverse order, is Mrs Portly’s Top 10:

Cookery books on shelf

10. So Many Cookbooks The Shelf Fell Off The Wall: like many people these days I check out recipes online, but I do love a good cookbook. And I’m clearly not alone, judging by the number of people who read this, my very personal selection of favourites.

9. Green Tomato Chutney – Just Like Mother Used to Make: something of an homage, this, to my mum, who died around a year ago. Hers is the best chutney I’ve ever made and the recipe I always return to. Thanks mum, for this and for teaching me to enjoy good food.

8. Honey Roast Duck With Membrillo Sauce: quick and easy but tastes as though you’ve spent ages slaving over a hot stove.

Image of grapevine

7. Wild Rabbits And The Grapes of Slothone of the most hilarious cooking sessions I’ve had all year, thanks to my sister in law turning up with a laundry basket full of grapes.

Also my first piece for the Huffington Post, which in an (for me) exciting and very flattering development, began publishing Mrs P’s recipes in October.

6. Sausage Plaitsa year-round family favourite. J, this is for you.

5. Jimmy’s Farm (No, Not That One)an early post featuring my favourite lamb farmer Jimmy Denny. His is the best lamb I’ve ever eaten, which is saying something. He’s also an extremely nice man who really cares about his animals.

4. Sage-Rubbed Pork Chops With A Gooseberry and Sage Saucean unusual and delicious sauce, perfect with a juicy chop. Early summer on a plate.

3. The Tandoori Chicken Diet: a tad tongue-in-cheek (although tandoori is one of the least-fattening Indian dishes you can order) but a scrumptious recipe. I’m a bit mortified reading it back though. Diet? What diet? Roll on, 2014 and a new regimen …

Image of chicken with the marinade ingredients

2. Chicken With Sumac, Za’atar And Lemon: Yotam Ottolenghi has definitely – and deservedly – been the chef du jour during 2013. This is a spectacular recipe – it’s like eating fireworks. Um, in a good way. And the garlic sauce has become another family favourite.

1. Butter ChickenI read somewhere that butter chicken is Australia’s favourite recipe. If so, I think the Aussies are onto something. It’s certainly the most popular recipe on Mrs Portly this year, even with my rather cock-eyed take on this Rick Stein version.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has bothered to search out Mrs Portly’s Kitchen during 2013, to those who have read the recipes and actually cooked them and commented on them. You are a lovely bunch and your feedback makes it all worthwhile.

Image of Him Outdoors with a heart-shaped strawberry

I owe a big debt and a bigger hug to Him Outdoors who has grown much of the food featured here and who puts up with endless requests to chop onions, vet photos and taste food.

A big thumbs-up to Jemimah Knight for making me get off my backside in the first place and walking me through my first steps; to Jody and her colleagues at the Huffington Post; and to the friends and family who cheerfully volunteer to be experimented upon.

Thank you, everyone, for the follows and the fun, for the reposts and ripostes. See you next year.

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  1. Your recipes have been a regular delight this year. Not just the food, but the brilliant writing. Just excellent stuff.

    • Thank you Karen and a very happy and healthy New Year to you and your mom too. I hope you have a fabulous 2014 – meanwhile do come back here for seconds, won’t you? 😉

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