Chicken and Chorizo Risotto

Image of cooked risotto

This is is based on my sister-in-law Sarah’s Idiot-Proof Risotto (my words not hers).

Normally to make a risotto you add warmed stock a ladleful at a time. That can be quite therapeutic if you’re in the mood.

If you’d rather sit down and have a glass of wine,  try this method.

It’s a lovely, warming weekday supper dish for damp and chilly autumn days – and a good way of making leftover chicken from the Sunday roast go further.

If you want to start from scratch, use chicken breast cut into bite-sized pieces and cooked until just tender.

To simplify the measurements, I’ve used a coffee mug (mostly). That’s a proper Builders’ Tea/Coffee mug, not a demi-tasse …

Chicken and Chorizo Risotto

  • Servings: 2-6 see recipe
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Image of chicken cut into bite-sized pieces


1/2 a coffee mug per person of cooked chicken, cut into bite-sized pieces

Half to one chorizo sausage, depending on how many you’re feeding (50g works for two people but don’t use more than 100g in total)

Half a mug of risotto rice per person (I like Arborio)

1 medium onion, finely chopped

1-2 fat cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 tbsp of parsley, chopped

1 mug of liquid (two-thirds chicken stock, one-third white wine) per person

Butter, salt and freshly ground pepper, lemon juice.

2 tbsp grated parmesan (optional)


Image of sauteed chorizo slices

Slice the chorizo and fry gently in a wide, heavy non-stick pan until those lovely red oils are running.

Remove and set aside, keeping the oil in the pan.

Add a good knob of butter to the pan.

Stir in the onion, fry for 2-3 minutes.

Stir in the garlic, fry for one minute.

Add the rice, stir well to coat and cook for one minute.

Add the chicken. Fry  for one minute. Put the chorizo back in the pan.

Season, add the liquid, stir, clamp a lid on and simmer very gently for 30 minutes.

Image of risotto cooking

Check the rice.  If it’s still gritty, add another half a cup of liquid and cook for another five minutes or so.

When the rice is cooked but still has a bit of bite (you’re not making rice pudding) stir through the parmesan, if using, and the parsley.

Image of chopped parsley

Remove from the heat and leave the pan covered for five minutes.

Add a squeeze of lemon juice, stir gently, and serve. Good with a peppery green salad with a sharp lemony dressing.

Image of risotto in pan

2 thoughts on “Chicken and Chorizo Risotto

  1. I do love a risotto but whenever I’ve tried to make one without stirring I end up with a big claggy mess. I’m also endlessly making mushroom and spicy squash, which are both lovely but I need to ring the changes, so this looks lovely. Chorizo, mmmm.

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