Mrs Portly and the Huffington Post

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My heart’s been in my mouth for a couple of weeks but I’m chuffed to bits to be able to announce that with immediate effect the Huffington Post will be publishing posts from Mrs Portly’s Kitchen.

My first offering went up today:

It’s a huge opportunity for me to chunter on to (potentially) millions more people and I’m very flattered that the people at HuffPo think Mrs Portly’s ramblings are worthy of a wider audience.

To all of those people who’ve been with me from the start of my blogging journey (six whole months ago), to those who’ve joined us en route and to those who I hope are still to come – a big thank you for your support.

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Please keep reading Mrs Portly’s Kitchen – but do please also take a look at the Huffington Post – er – post – and if you feel so inclined, “like” it, even click the “fan” icon (I’m feeling a hot flush coming on so I’d be grateful) and please pass the link along.

Thank you and warmest best wishes to you all.

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  1. Hi Linda
    Hi Linda, Sue told me about your blog and I have just found you – after all these years and sounding wonderfully familiar ! Henrietta ( Henry) Mcneile ( Peake that was !)

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