Strawberry Coulis

Image of a heart-shaped strawberry held against a man's chest

Be still my beating heart. The strawberries this year are astounding.

They’re enormous, some of them, they’re prolific and they taste like you remember strawberries tasted when you were a kid. Sweet but slightly tart and drippingly juicy.

I don’t know whether it’s the weather but whatever the reason this season, we’ve been eating pounds of them, still warm from the sun.

So what do you do when you’ve got vast quantities of strawberries? It’s too hot to be making jam.

The answer, it seemed to me, was to multiply the strawberry flavours. So I made a big bowl of coulis – or strawberry sauce, fruit soup, call it what you will – to eat with yet more fresh berries.

Image of a pair of hands holding big bowl of strawberries

A lot of recipes for coulis tell you to cook the fruit lightly with sugar before pureeing it.

But I didn’t want to lose the fresh taste, so I pureed it raw with icing (confectioners’) sugar.

Hull and slice the strawberries into a deep bowl and for every pound (450g) of fruit add three ounces (85g) of icing sugar.

Image of sliced strawberries and icing sugar in a bowl

Puree. A liquidiser helps but it’s perfectly possible to do it with a hand blender.

Image of a stick blender pureeing strawberries

Sieve the mixture to get the pips out. You’re supposed to use a nylon sieve but I found a fine-meshed metal sieve did the job.

Image of puree being sieved

Add a small squeeze of lemon juice  to sharpen the taste. The coulis will keep in the fridge for up to three days and it freezes well.

Image of berries in a bowl of strawberry coulis

It seems to me, though I haven’t tried it yet, that you could also use the mixture to make a strawberry sorbet. A delicious prospect later in the season, maybe with a few fresh raspberries and some home made shortbread.

Image of dripping spoon above a bowl of coulis

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Coulis

  1. Those strawberries look pretty fantastic. I have got into making raspberry coulis this year. I needed it for a Peach Melba post. I have cooked, photoed, eaten but not written it yet. More anon.

    • Mmm, sounds really good. I’m hoping we get lots of raspberries this year, fingers crossed.

      I bought the last punnet of apricots in the supermarket this morning, not enough to make conserve, so thinking of some sort of dessert, maybe featuring amaretti biscuits …

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